“100 Scholarships in 100 Days” Update


by: Caitlin McCormick

HOI is committed to transforming the lives of hundreds of school age children through education. The Pathway Scholarship Fund makes it possible for elementary and middle school students in the Agalta Valley to receive a quality education and gain access to unique opportunities through the help of U.S. sponsors. Scholarships are used to help underwrite the operations of HOI’s schools, ensuring the quality of teachers, curriculum, and resources. Thanks to all of our education sponsors, many new additions have been made to our schools over the past year. Our Aldersgate Elementary School has undergone new construction and beautiful landscaping renovations, including paved walkways and an airy pavilion for outdoor classes. At Hope Middle School, turf seed has been planted for the highly anticipated Vince Dooley Soccer Field and the grass is now sprouting.  Volunteers and HOI staff continue to work hard to create a space and environment for students to be active, have fun, learn, and take pride in.


A few weeks ago, we kicked off another Pathway Scholarship Campaign, “100 Scholarships in 100 Days”, with the hope of having all of our students matched with a sponsor. HOI currently has 238 students from 30 villages attending our two schools. Since we began the campaign in August, we have gratefully received 68 new scholarships, leaving only 32 students in need of sponsorship. For $50/month, we ask that you please consider joining us in our campaign to provide every child in our schools with a scholarship!


Sponsors who would like to see the impact of their gifts firsthand, will receive letters, photos, and progress reports from their students twice a year. Sponsors who travel to the Ranch on a mission trip will have the opportunity to meet their students and connect on a more personal level.

Thank you to all of our education sponsors and those who have recently joined us in our campaign to provide every child with a scholarship and paving a pathway toward prosperity.

If you would like to sign up to become a Pathway Scholarship donor, click here.