2014 Year End Review

by: Caitlin McCormick

Thank you to all who supported HOI throughout 2014, including the year end campaign! We were humbled by the large number of supporters who gave in support of our mission. Because of your generosity we are beginning the new year on sound financial footing and are looking forward to our 2015 initiatives. We concluded 2014 with a new dentistry program, a soccer field for our middle school, several thriving small businesses, stronger support from the Honduran government and many new partnerships, which include Young Life to grow our spiritual life program. Additionally, new partnerships were established that will expand our programs to southern Honduras and northern Nicaragua.

In 2015 we are looking forward to expanding our community development efforts to the two new locations, offering more opportunities for mission groups to partner with Central Americans, while investing in long-term development. Our goal is to replicate the impact in these locations that we have witnessed in the Agalta Valley. As we begin, our emphasis in those communities will be spiritual development, community development, and health and wellness. We are also expanding our economic development programs in the Agalta Valley by reproducing the egg production small business model that has been proven successful in the village of Santa Ana. We hope that you will continue to provide encouragement and support as we venture into new areas of ministry.

Caitlin McCormick, Development Coordinator