2016 Water Project Launch!

POSTED BY: Morgan Leary on January 22, 2016 CATEGORY: general Health Honduras Mission Teams News & Events Staff COMMENTS: 0


Tomorrow, a team from Tarrytown United Methodist Church is flying into Honduras from Austin, Texas to install the first set of water filters for 2016! Traveling with the team will be representatives from our home office in Atlanta and a representative from the CDC.


Water Project Team: (left to right) Roshini George and Meenu Anand from Sera Global Health Practice; Morgan Leary, HOI; and Jacqui Hurd, Center of Disease Control, (not pictured: Laurie Willing, HOI)

The CDC is collaborating with HOI to complete a study on our filter program and its effectiveness in the villages.  Students from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH) in Tegucigalpa are also involved with this study.  They have been stationed at the Ranch since this summer and are assisting with the data collection.

We’re excited about the project launch and are grateful to all of our partners that are helping in this venture! Check back in a few weeks to get the latest.

Click here to learn about our water projects and how you can help bring clean water to every family in our three ministry areas.