David Huseonica and his daughters, Michelle and Leanne, were all in Honduras this summer and had incredible experiences. As you’ll read, David and his daughters engaged HOI’s mission in different ways. However, they all saw first hand how partnership and cooperation between Hondurans and North Americans has a lasting impact on all parties involved. Thank you David, Michelle, and Leanne for your perspective and service in Central America.

–July 2016–

Our trip was simply outstanding. We crammed a lot of work and some unbelievable memories into our time in Honduras. While it’s hard to describe the experience we had with words, the ones that come to mind are thankful, fulfilling, humbled, loved and hopeful.

Our mission group was composed of mostly parishioners from Simpsonwood United Methodist Church (across the street from where we live in Atlanta). They have been doing missions in Honduras thanks to the HOI.  This organization established a ranch-style mission outpost 25 years ago to facilitate church groups wanting to connect with the Hondurans for the purpose of helping improve healthcare, agriculture, nutrition, education, faith building, commerce, and construction.   To date HOI has served over 200 separate villages.

We completed four very full days of construction projects in our adopted village of Pacura which is made up of about 100 families. Every morning many of the children and adults stood at the edge of town anxiously awaiting our group’s arrival and proceeded to sing us songs and offered prayers of welcome on our behalf. The daytime projects we tackled involved pouring cement floors, building latrines, building wash basins, and mixing enough cement to build a new stadium in Atlanta. Leanne and other teens were also doing Vacation Bible School each day with the kids of the village, painted the school house walls (including a beautiful mural on one wall) and enjoyed several pickup soccer games.


At night we worked on another project which was one of our main reasons for this trip. Our goal was to construct and install a water filtration system for 100 homes in the village. Clean water is a real problem for the people in Honduras. Many times they resort to drinking water from the streams, which would be considered undrinkable anywhere else. Unfortunately, many times they have no choice and pay the price with high rates of illness and side-effects from the soiled water. The water filtration system we built and installed is a simple but effective solution that filters the polluted water into drinkable water. The villagers were very excited to have clean water and worked side-by-side with us to build/paint and install the systems.

Michelle completed her 3 weeks of medical internship and had an unbelievable experience. She is a rising sophomore in college with aspirations of becoming a nurse. While in Honduras, she worked side-by-side doctors and nurses and was able to do and experience things which would not have been possible in the US. She also joined us for a couple days doing construction projects and building the water filtration systems. A couple nights a week she would teach English to the medical team and HOI staff and she also went to several schools to teach the children about proper hygiene such as washing their hands. It was truly a blessed opportunity for her.

Our ability to experience this mission was made possible by the prayers and financial support of our friends and family. None of us will ever forget the time we shared with our group, the village and each other. Thank you again for this.

God Bless,

David, Michelle, Leanne