Affecting a Generation

by: Louis Deas

The joy of our work is that every day we are working together to help ensure a better future for each child in the Agalta Valley. We are invested in their health, education, and most importantly their spirituality. Through our partnership with Young Life, HOI is helping to raise a generation of young spiritual leaders that will help lift their communities out of poverty through ethical means and with a moral consciousness.

On June 19, the leaders of Young Life Olancho took 47 teens from the Valley on a 12-hour bus ride bound for Young Life Honduras’ annual summer camp. Amid the weekend of fun and games, good food and music, new friends and fond memories, something special happened. 31 of those 47 teens gave their life to Christ and began a journey of hope and faith in the One that first loved them.

We are elated that so many young people have made a decision for Christ and are encouraged by the growth of the Young Life program and the steady rise in club and camp participation. This is the third year that our students from the Valley have participated in camp and each year the number of attendees has doubled in size!


As students continue engaging with Young Life’s ministry, we ask that you pray for their growth and perseverance through the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Your financial support also makes a difference. The transformation brought on by your gift very well may be the answer to one of their silent prayers.

Thank you for your continued support of our young people in the Valley! Remember, we’re not only impacting lives today; together, we’re making a difference for tomorrow.


Louis Deas
Communications Coordinator