Honduran Ambassador Visits Rancho el Paraiso

Ambassador Jorge Ramon Hernandez Alcerro, the Honduran ambassador to the United States, recently traveled from his home in Washington, D.C. to the HOI ranch in Olancho. He joined several mission team members from around the U.S. to see HOI’s work in the Agalta Valley and to honor the founding of the ranch by board member Archie Crenshaw. Joining the Ambassador on this trip were Archie, HOI Board Chairman Scott Luttrell, HOI Executive Director Laurie Willing, CEO Jerry Eickhoff, board members Sue Church and Randy Mahaffey, Opportunity International Nicaragua Executive Director Geralyn Sheehan, and several other mission team members from Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando.

In the words of Ambassador Hernandez, “Visiting Rancho El Paraiso and witnessing the work HOI has accomplished in the area for the past 25 years was a unique example of the love the Lord taught us we must have for one another. We Hondurans can’t thank you enough for all your kindness, generosity and devotion to our poor.”

HOI is honored that the ambassador joined us on this trip. He has been a wonderful friend to HOI and a distinguished ambassador representing his people and his country in the U.S.