Beyond The Field Dedication

by: Louis Deas

There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm coming from the recent developments with our schools and education programs.  We’ve begun construction on a new bridge that will connect our two schools to help students avoid the dangerous highway.  We’ve also experienced an influx in middle school enrollment as the school’s popularity soars and added a few new classes that will help equip our students for the future.  Also, thanks to an amazing response by you, our supports and partners, we have fewer than 50 students who are still in need of a sponsorship (we’re hoping to have them all sponsored this year!).

One recent event in particular drew a lot of attention and fanfare, and rightfully so.  The highly anticipated Vince Dooley Soccer Field was finally dedicated on March 19, and is officially open for use.  Vince Dooley and his wife, Barbara, traveled to Honduras with Bob Hope’s Wilderness Team in association with the H.A.V.E. Foundation.  The field was named in Coach Dooley’s honor for his engagement and dedication to the students of the Agalta Valley.

The famed coach and other members of the H.A.V.E. Foundation returned to Honduras for more than the field’s celebratory opening.  They traveled from the States to San Estaban to share in the experience of transformation in the Agalta Valley for and through our students.  The beauty of an HOI experience is that everyone is touched and impacted in different ways.  Read the following accounts to get a sense of how each of these volunteers were impacted by HOI, Honduras, and the weeks events:


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Watch the Recap of David Moody’s 2015 Mission Trip Below: