As you may recall, a few years ago, HOI was the fortunate recipient of a generous gift from Rob and Jean Fowler of Covington, Ga., of 1200 fertile acres adjacent to Rancho el Paraiso. Under the guidance and hard work of our Ranch Agriculture team, lead by Nelson Echeverria, supported by the US Agriculture committee, the several hundred acres are now being put into production by creating improved pastures for grazing. Additionally, some of the land now is supporting the growth of corn and sorghum to be used for the creation of silage, feed for our growing cattle and dairy herd. This land improvement was also made possible by significant investments for equipment upgrades by generous supporters.

The result of this hard work by the HOI Honduras staff will be a greatly improved quality of beef and milk production, and also it will allow us to increase our herd size from 300 to 500 head of cattle. This will eventually generate significantly more income for HOI in country, which will provide a meaningful contribution towards our ongoing operational financial needs.

This project will continue to grow as we productively utilize more and more of this land. We will continue to need additional investment in equipment and technology, so if agriculture is a passion of yours and you’d like to support our efforts as we nudge our way towards self support, you can learn more about how to become engaged by visiting the following site.

To all of you who have collaborated with us to make the dream a reality we thank you!