Give Hope this holiday season

POSTED BY: Laurie Willing on December 7, 2017 CATEGORY: general News & Events COMMENTS: 0

This year, you have helped us: -Care for 14,000 at HOI clinics -Bring clean, potable water to more than 5,000 people -Touch 3,500 with our marriage ministry -Preserve 2,000 smiles at HOI’s dental clinic -Allow for 375 students to pursue … Continue reading


Sponsor a Student at our Schools!

POSTED BY: Laurie Willing on February 12, 2018 CATEGORY: Blog COMMENTS: 0

The school year has just started in Honduras and this year we have 49 elementary students and 76 middle schoolers who need sponsors! Our Highschool, middle school, and elementary schools provide children across the rural Agalta Valley a quality formal … Continue reading


More Access to Water Coming to the Agalta Valley

POSTED BY: Laurie Willing on February 12, 2018 CATEGORY: Agriculture Blog COMMENTS: 0

HOI is partnering with the Government of Honduras to build a reservoir in the Agalta Valley.  The project, which is currently under construction will bring huge benefits to both our Ranch and surrounding communities. The lack of water supply for … Continue reading


Divine Appointments

POSTED BY: Laurie Willing on November 9, 2017 CATEGORY: Blog Spiritual COMMENTS: 0

It all started when I was on the way to build a pila with the Forest Hill team at  the Lopez family’s house. I didn’t really know the family, all I knew was that they truly needed it. On our … Continue reading