Young Life Olancho Update

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on August 11, 2017 CATEGORY: Blog Spiritual COMMENTS: 0

It has been three years since HOI chose to partner with Young Life to send the newlywed couple, Michael and Daniela Aguilar, to the Ranch in Honduras to begin the ministry of Young Life. Throughout that time, Young Life has … Continue reading


Honduras Mission Story: Central Presbyterian Waxachie and First Presbyterian Grapevine

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on July 21, 2017 CATEGORY: Blog Honduras Mission Teams COMMENTS: 0

Our HOI Honduras mission trip for 2016 was a heartwarming experience for us all!  This year our two churches came together to form one mission team. One member was a first-timer, and the rest of us are repeat travelers to … Continue reading


Westminster Presbyterian in Nicaragua!

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on July 17, 2017 CATEGORY: Blog COMMENTS: 0

Thanks Westminster Presbyterian in Greensboro for traveling to Nicaragua with us last month!