Calling All Wanna-Be Trip Leaders!

by: Morgan Leary

After working with many different groups from various backgrounds, HOI has seen the beauty in diverse team leadership.  As various as our God-given talents are, so are the styles and personalities of trip leaders.  We have found that there is no “typical” trip leader.  Successful trip leaders are those with a desire to serve their congregation, friends, and/or fellow missionaries by helping to organize, guide, and plan for their week abroad. With that being said, HOI is looking for individuals who have an interest in becoming trip leaders and are ready to rally and serve new mission groups!

We are always considering new ways to connect groups with our mission work in Central America. Traditionally, churches have been the organizers of most mission teams with HOI. However, with two new locations in southern Honduras and Nicaragua, we now have the capacity to open the door to international mission work for even more teams. Consider how a week serving in Central America would impact your sports team, company retreat, or family reunion.

One wonderful way new groups come to us is when team members of past trips decide to lead their own group. If you have been on a previous trip and would like to share the experience you had with loved ones, consider taking on the role of trip leader during your future travels to Central America. Or if you have never been on a mission trip but know your church is looking to expand its ministry into missions, take the lead and help to organize a trip with HOI!

Having the opportunity to serve as Christ’s hands and feet in Honduras and Nicaragua only happens if someone is willing to help with the trip preparations.  If you have questions and would like to explore what the responsibilities of being a trip leader include, please contact Emily Grossman, or myself, Morgan Leary.  We would love to help you figure out how you can lead a trip to Central America with HOI.



Morgan’s favorite candies are Twix and Three Musketeers and her dream vacation is a 3 week getaway to Roatan, Honduras (because she really really loves Honduras).