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Education Sponsors Needed

So many of you have responded to our call for education sponsors this year. We appreciate you! However, we still have some 7th graders that could use your support. Will you be the one that helps improve a student’s life today? Click here >>>



Morgan Loves the Kids!

#Throwback Thursday 5 years ago Morgan Leary spent the summer as an intern in HOI’s school. Today, she’s employed with us as the missions coordinator for the Ranch.

It’s clear that our students had a profound impact on her life. We believe the same can be true for you. Find out when you become an education sponsor >>>…/7010W000002eJ2wQ…

Honduran Students Value Education

Our students value the education they receive in our schools. They recognize it is a gift from God and understand the potential it holds for their futures. This is why we want to show them our support and sponsor their education through our Education Sponsorship Program.

Help us reach our goal of sponsoring each of our 7th graders education by becoming a sponsor today! Click here to meet the students >>>…/7010W000002eJ2wQ…

Music to Our Ears

Our 7th graders are singing skillfully thanks to the help of our middle school’s new music teacher. We love introducing new classes and opportunities for our students. This ensures that they will receive a well balanced education that not only prepares them for life but exposes them to potential new interests and passions.

7th grade chorus with Hope Middle School's new music teacher

7th grade chorus with Hope Middle School’s new music teacher

Join Our Newest Students on Their Academic Journey

School is back in session and we have 18 new first graders in need of sponsorships!

We believe that by investing in the hearts, minds, and health of Honduran children through quality education and Christ-centered community, we will enable these precious children to reach their potential.

Through sponsoring a student, you will receive:

Student’s photo, profile, and letters from them twice a year
The ability to write letters or meet your student on a trip to HOI’s Ranch
Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a student and have a tremendous impact on their future. Join us in sponsoring a new student in our school for $50 per month and help us reach our goal of having all 18 new first graders sponsored!

Wilderness Team On the Way to Honduras

Somebody looks like they’re ready to head back to Honduras! Paul Ray and the Wilderness Team are making final preparations for their trip to the Ranch next month. This year, they will be constructing 120 water filter stands for the community of El Aguacate.

Looking forward to hearing about their experience!

HOI’s Newest Little World Changers

Let’s welcome our students back as they begin a new school year!

We have a brand new class of 1st graders beginning their educational journey. They’re excited and ready to learn! We’ll be collecting photos of our newest little world changers soon. You’ll then have the opportunity to become a sponsor foster a new relationship that will last a lifetime.

You can also sponsor any one of our other amazing students. Take a look! >>>

Honduran and Nicaraguan Independence

Today marks the 195th anniversary of five Central American states’ declaration of independence from Spain. Two of those states are Honduras and Nicaragua, our long term partners in mission and ministry. As the nations celebrate their independence in a historical sense, HOI celebrates the their continued independence from a different perspective.

1. We celebrate the Agalta Valley’s freedom from high infant mortality.


Loss of life is always terrible, even more so when a child dies in their infancy. According to the United Nations the world’s infant mortality rate is 49.4 and 42.09 according to the CIA World Factbook. When HOI began working with the people of Olancho in 1989, the infant mortality rate was extremely high. Now, almost 30 years later, infant mortality has nearly been eliminated in the areas which we work.

2. We celebrate students’ freedom to determine to their own futures.


HOI is proud to operate two fully operational schools near our ranch in San Esteban. Our elementary and middle schools have some of the best and brightest students that Honduras has to offer. Our students have a robust curriculum that features technology, English, and life skill classes. A well rounded education affords our students the opportunity to dream. Not only are they able to dream, they are free to determine their own futures and make their dreams a reality.

3. We celebrate families’ freedom to live a happy and healthy life.


In 2016, HOI set out on an ambitious project to make potable water more accessible in our three service areas. To date, we have installed almost 1,000 water filters! The results so far have been impressive and the impact is measurable. When speaking of the benefits of the home water filters, HOI Water Projects and Mission Team Coordinator, Morgan Leary reflects, “The positive impact that the water filters have on families is numerous. The families that we’ve interviewed have reported that they can see a clear difference in their overall health. In addition to the health benefits, families are experiencing a positive economic impact as well. Breadwinners aren’t missing as many days at work which allows them to earn more and families are beginning to save money that previously went towards the purchase of bottled water.”

As we continue to celebrate freedom and independence in Central America we invite you to join us in our efforts. Consider donating to our Family Health Partnership, sponsoring a student, or making a general donation towards HOI’s ministries. Thanks for your support!

HOI School Graduation Celebrations

HOI is very proud of its newest elementary and middle school graduates!  Celebration ceremonies were held this past November to honor the accomplishment of these students.



9th Grade Class

Graduating 9th Grade Class

During the ceremony, students were given the opportunity to speak and share their thoughts. It was a very emotional time as they expressed their gratitude to their parents, teachers and U.S. sponsors.


Sponsor Tommy Phelps and 9th Grade Graduate, Wendy Ortiz

Mentor, Tommy Phelps and 9th Grade Graduate, Wendy Ortiz

This year, 98% of our graduating middle school youth are enrolling in a high school!  Through the efforts of our excellent teaching staff and many education supporters in the U.S., the HOI schools are able to provide quality educational experiences that encourage the students and create a love for learning.

This graduating class now has aspirations and dreams to continue in their education process and become successful adults with opportunities for financial security.

2016 will bring new opportunities and challenges to the HOI schools. The education staff is expecting a 25% increase in enrollment!  We are thankful for the opportunity that God has given us to reach so many children and pray that through these efforts they are one day able to provide a better quality of life for their families.

Laurie Willing

Laurie Willing
Executive Director