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HOI Welcomes globalX Team!

HOI and our partner in Nicaragua, Comunidad Connect, welcome a globalX team to Finca de Peten this week. globalX travels with us through a partnership with North Point ministries in Atlanta. While the team serves in the community of Los Robles, they will work with residents to put in floors and build stoves and ovens, lead Bible School for children and women and offer prayer visits in homes before enjoying a tourist day in the colonial city of Granada.

Use Social Capital to Invest in Change

Every day, amazing things are happening in Honduras and Nicaragua. Thanks to the combined efforts of HOI and our partners in the U.S. and Central America, we are able to walk alongside and partner with developing communities in the Agalta Valley and Choluteca regions of Honduras and Los Robles in Nicaragua for a better future. Our work touches the areas of education, health and wellness, job creation, clean water, spiritual development and more. Although we are making tremendous strides towards progress, we need your help to maintain and expand these programs to have an even greater impact.

An easy way to help is to utilize your social capital and online presence to invite friends to make an impact with you. This is easy to do through Facebook’s new fundraising platform. Take a moment to reflect on HOI’s mission and Identify a cause that we are working on that you connect with. Then follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

1. Log in to HOI’s Facebook page.



First, you’ll want to find HOI’s Facebook page. You can either click the hyperlink to the left, type the direct address ( in your web browser’s search bar, or type in “HOI” in your Facebook search bar and look for the HOI logo icon. If you haven’t already, be sure to “Like” our page.

2. Click the “Fundraisers” tab.


On the left hand side of the page you’ll find a list of tabs. Click third tab listed as “Fundraisers”.

3. Click “Raise Money”. 


Once the you’ve clicked the “Fundraisers” a new page should appear. A “Raise Money” button should be on the right side of the page. Click it.

4. Personalize and launch fundraiser.


After you’ve clicked “Raise Money” a new window should appear. This window is where you will customize your fundraising campaign. The window is preset with HOI’s banner, a title, a description of our mission, and a suggested goal amount. Each of these sections can be personalized in a way that speaks to you and explains your connection with the HOI mission.

If you have any photos of yourself engaging with our mission it may help add a personal touch to your outreach efforts. In the description, in addition to or in lieu of explaining HOI’s mission and methodology, you can share your personal story of encounter and transformation through our mission. We know HOI mission trips can be life changing and we’d love for you to share that narrative with others.

You can set your fundraising goal as high or as low as you’d like to. Any amount that you raise will have a significant impact on the communities we serve and our organization as a whole. We simply appreciate you raising awareness and taking ownership for our mission.

5. Invite friends. 


A quick and easy way to hit your target quickly is through your friends. Once you’ve set up your fundraising page you can choose friends to share your campaign with. More likely than not they’ll want to support you and learn more about HOI. Take that opportunity to share photos, stories, and the impact that you’ve had with communities in Central America through HOI. Then invite them on a trip with you!

If a friend expresses that they would love to support you but doesn’t feel comfortable using Facebook, you can direct them to our website or invite them to donate securely through our donations page (


Thank you for partnering with HOI to help strengthen communities in Honduras and Nicaragua. The work you are doing is invaluable. Without your support our mission could not reach the thousands of lives that it does. God bless!

Students from Wesleyan School Make an Impact in Nicaragua

Wesleyan School in Peachtree Corners, GA is serving this week in Los Robles, Nicaragua. They’ve been working on projects which include helping construct a small chapel in the local cemetery, building latrines, water holding tanks, floors and ovens. To conclude the week, they will take a zip line course near Mombacho Volcano.

Thank you Wesleyan faculty, students and parents for supporting this ministry!

Inaugural Tony Barnhart Golf Classic

We’re pleased to announce our upcoming inaugural golf tournament, the Tony Barnhart Golf Classic. It will take place May 8, 2017 at TPC Sugarloaf.

We’re ramping up our annual golf tournament and it’s going to be better than ever! Join us for the inaugural Tony Barnhart Golf Classic and tee off with celebrities and friends as we raise money for missions in Honduras and Nicaragua.

If you’re interested in registration or sponsorship opportunities, click the link below.


How Can You Make an Impact This Year?: Pray

Everyone has a part to play in the Kingdom of God. Similarly, everyone can get involved with HOI on some level and make a real difference. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

One of the easiest, most impactful ways to make a difference with HOI is through prayer. We encourage all of our supporters to pray for Honduras, Nicaragua, HOI, and our mission teams. Your prayers help sustain our organization on a spiritual level and enables us to continue on this God-inspired journey.

2016-Jocomico-Honduras-ONLINE (125 of 271)

This year, we’re asking you and your prayer partners to keep HOI and its mission lifted up before the Lord. Also, pray that many people, young and old alike, come to know Christ through the witness of our love.

2016-Jocomico-Honduras-ONLINE (126 of 271)

Hope for the Future in Nicaragua


By Maria Hicks, HOI Nicaragua Mission Volunteer

Raised in Los Robles, Nicaragua, twenty-eight-year old Dolores Rivera has faced many challenges. Contracting polio at the age of four caused her to develop spinal deformities. In spite of her physical disabilities, however, she exudes a sense of determination, strength and purpose.


Although she was warned of the possibility that she could die if she ever gave birth, she took the chance because she wanted to have the opportunity to be a mother. Dolores overcame the odds and now has two healthy boys, ages seven and nine. After her husband died, she traveled all over Nicaragua with her sons and worked as a wash woman to support her family.


After returning to the town where she grew up, the community gave her a plot of land to build a home. The neighbors assist her by donating clothes and shoes for her sons. Dolores raises pigs and chickens for income and also works for a farmer during corn and coffee harvest seasons.
In December, the HOI Nicaragua mission trip team helped her build a new, efficient brick stove and replace the tattered tarp covering her kitchen with a tin roof. “I am very grateful to the HOI group for building my stove and fixing the roof. Now the rain won’t come into my kitchen when I cook,” Dolores said.


This tiny woman is a community volunteer with a big heart. Having only received a 5th grade education herself, she wants a better future for her children and dreams of the day that her boys will finish school and start careers of their own.

To learn more about partnering with people like Dolores through Nicaragua mission trips, click here.

Ale is Looking Forward to Seeing You! Register Today!

“Passing the Torch” is only 3 weeks away! Register today at!!!

Our Honduran Community Development Director, Ale Dominguez is counting down the days until she’s in Atlanta for “Passing the Torch” on October 20! This is a very exciting time for Ale, our staff in Honduras, and all of our Central American partners. It’s a blessing that we’ve been able to draw and attract a Honduran of Eduardo Chirinos’ caliber to lead our organization to greater things.

Ale and the rest of Central American delegation are looking forward to spending time with all of their friends and HOI supporters next month. Be sure to join them on this special night as they welcome one of their own as HOI’s new CEO!