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Live In the Spirit of Giving

The following is a blog published by Mercer on Mission on June 2, 2017:

I decided to join Mercer on Mission to work with an underserved population as well as with an interdisciplinary team in a clinical setting. As a nursing student, we spend a great amount of time working in the hospital assessing admitted patients, administering medications based on the patients status, lab values, and/or diseases per doctors orders (sometimes requesting changes to orders), educating patients about the medications and side effects of medications as well as monitoring the patient for those side effects while in care.

I wanted to use this opportunity to expand my knowledge and patient care skills with the challenge of language being the biggest obstacle. I worked in intake for 3 days-asking people a few question about their visit or taking blood pressures and pulses. I also worked in education and distributing glasses for 3 days-teaching about Diabetes, Hypertension, Prenatal care, and Dental care. Today was the best day of all. I got to sit in with a provider and an interpreter and assess the patients for ailments and diseases. Treatment plans are also determined. This is why I came on this mission and it was awesome.

I left my home, my family & friends to spend time with 30 people-most of them I only met 2 weeks ago to volunteer in Honduras. We have been surrounded by armed guards and closely supervised for our safety while on this mission trip. Bugs also surrounded us-big, small, crawling, flying, hybrids. They are everywhere. The air conditioner while at the hotel keeps them at bay and of course 100% Deet. I was able to keep my laundry clean by handwashing my clothes. Others also did their laundry in their rooms. I was fortunate-may be it was the probiotic and antibiotics but I have been free from gastrointestinal ailments. Most meals consisted of refried beans, rice or pico de gallo, plantains & queso blanco. Sometimes it included eggs, or chicken. The staff at the hotel are nice and work long hours. I was never able to get the  shower water warmer than 90 degrees but who can complain in a country where fresh clean water is an issue. This mission was a wonderful experience & we were blessed to have our hosts Leslie & Miriam & the rest of the team who met us daily at each location.

Now the other bonus from this trip was the people of Honduras. We met some very nice people with some beautiful children in this country. They are the ones that made every hot bumpy sweaty dusty humidity filled 90+ degrees bus ride worth the while. The country is beautiful. We had many hours of riding on the bus to enjoy the beautiful mountains of Honduras.

Galatians 5:25

If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit.

Yolanda S

Happy Father’s Day!

Provider, teacher, example, leader. These are some of the words that come to mind when we think about what it means to be a Christian father. HOI is committed to strengthening fathers and their role in the family and community. We come alongside fathers so that they can be a good reflection of our Heavenly Father in the home.

Through HOI’s spiritual training efforts, fathers are shaped to be spiritual leaders.  HOI’s economic development programs supply education and resources so fathers can work and provide for their families. And, HOI’s education and medical efforts create a hope-filled context for fathers to encourage their children.

It is not easy being a father in today’s world. This is especially true for fathers in Honduras and Nicaragua. However, because of your prayers and support, HOI is able to provide a hopeful future for fathers who are committed to their God, their church, their community and most of all their home. 

David Davis
Director of Development

Mercer on Mission

Mercer On Mission just spent two weeks in Honduras caring for patients in the local villages. The medical students had an opportunity to share their gifts of knowledge and medical expertise. We and the people of Olancho and San Lorenzo, Honduras appreciate your service.

Click here to read one of their full blog entries >>>

Remembering Michael Aguilar

In 2014, Michael Aguilar and Daniela Solano stepped out in faith to begin a Young Life ministry in the Agalta Valley, Honduras. Over the last three years, God has used them to build a growing, vibrant, and fruitful ministry that has led hundreds of youth into a deeper relationship with Christ.

On Monday, Michael was fatally injured in an accident. We ask the entire HOI community to be in prayer for Michael’s wife, Daniela; his family in Nicaragua; the HOI staff in Honduras; and especially the young people of the Valley who were touched by Michael’s passionate commitment to Christ.

While Michael will truly be missed, we take comfort in knowing that he is resting in the loving arms of Jesus.

Use Social Capital to Invest in Change

Every day, amazing things are happening in Honduras and Nicaragua. Thanks to the combined efforts of HOI and our partners in the U.S. and Central America, we are able to walk alongside and partner with developing communities in the Agalta Valley and Choluteca regions of Honduras and Los Robles in Nicaragua for a better future. Our work touches the areas of education, health and wellness, job creation, clean water, spiritual development and more. Although we are making tremendous strides towards progress, we need your help to maintain and expand these programs to have an even greater impact.

An easy way to help is to utilize your social capital and online presence to invite friends to make an impact with you. This is easy to do through Facebook’s new fundraising platform. Take a moment to reflect on HOI’s mission and Identify a cause that we are working on that you connect with. Then follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

1. Log in to HOI’s Facebook page.



First, you’ll want to find HOI’s Facebook page. You can either click the hyperlink to the left, type the direct address ( in your web browser’s search bar, or type in “HOI” in your Facebook search bar and look for the HOI logo icon. If you haven’t already, be sure to “Like” our page.

2. Click the “Fundraisers” tab.


On the left hand side of the page you’ll find a list of tabs. Click third tab listed as “Fundraisers”.

3. Click “Raise Money”. 


Once the you’ve clicked the “Fundraisers” a new page should appear. A “Raise Money” button should be on the right side of the page. Click it.

4. Personalize and launch fundraiser.


After you’ve clicked “Raise Money” a new window should appear. This window is where you will customize your fundraising campaign. The window is preset with HOI’s banner, a title, a description of our mission, and a suggested goal amount. Each of these sections can be personalized in a way that speaks to you and explains your connection with the HOI mission.

If you have any photos of yourself engaging with our mission it may help add a personal touch to your outreach efforts. In the description, in addition to or in lieu of explaining HOI’s mission and methodology, you can share your personal story of encounter and transformation through our mission. We know HOI mission trips can be life changing and we’d love for you to share that narrative with others.

You can set your fundraising goal as high or as low as you’d like to. Any amount that you raise will have a significant impact on the communities we serve and our organization as a whole. We simply appreciate you raising awareness and taking ownership for our mission.

5. Invite friends. 


A quick and easy way to hit your target quickly is through your friends. Once you’ve set up your fundraising page you can choose friends to share your campaign with. More likely than not they’ll want to support you and learn more about HOI. Take that opportunity to share photos, stories, and the impact that you’ve had with communities in Central America through HOI. Then invite them on a trip with you!

If a friend expresses that they would love to support you but doesn’t feel comfortable using Facebook, you can direct them to our website or invite them to donate securely through our donations page (


Thank you for partnering with HOI to help strengthen communities in Honduras and Nicaragua. The work you are doing is invaluable. Without your support our mission could not reach the thousands of lives that it does. God bless!

Education Sponsors Needed

So many of you have responded to our call for education sponsors this year. We appreciate you! However, we still have some 7th graders that could use your support. Will you be the one that helps improve a student’s life today? Click here >>>



HOI Scores Hole-in-One at Tony Barnhart Golf Classic!

The inaugural Tony Barnhart Golf Classic presented by The Vinson Group was a tremendous success! Many thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered, and sponsored the event. It was a beautiful day for golf and an even better day for our mission in Honduras and Nicaragua.

Over a dozen celebrity athletes and more than 100 golfers gathered at TPC Sugarloaf in Duluth, GA to raise money for HOI’s ministry in Central America. As the players enjoyed a warm, sunny day on the links, conversations about HOI’s ongoing work abounded. Notable sports figures like Coach Vince Dooley and former Chicago Bear, Patrick Mannelly shared stories of their time in Honduras. They spoke of how the experience changed their lives and how blessed they were to touch the lives of others. Tony Barnhart and his wife, Maria, shared how much they enjoyed working with HOI and the HAVE Foundation in making a difference through education.

Thanks to a generous show of support, we exceeded our fundraising goal! Thank you to our wonderful hosts, celebrities for participating, and all of the players who came out to support the people of Honduras and Nicaragua. We’d also like to extend special thanks to our incredible sponsors: Becky Vinson and the Vinson Group, Truitt Health, and Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

Click here to see more pictures from the tournament!

Carry Us a Little Further

In the game of golf, “carry” is the distance a ball will fly, usually to over a hazard, to safely reach its target. This year, HOI has had a lot of “carry” as we reach important goals. On Monday, May 8, HOI will host the inaugural Tony Barnhart Golf Classic at Sugarloaf Golf and Country Club in Duluth, GA.

Tony is an award winning author and sportscaster with ESPN. He will be joined by legendary UGA football coach Vince Dooley and 1980 UGA NCAA Football Championship Captain Frank Ros. Like Tony, bothVince and Frank have worked in partnership with HOI and enthusiastically support HOI’s efforts. Other celebrities committed to playing at the event include: Steve Spurrier, Dave Archer, Wes Durham, Phil Niekro, Fred Gibson, David Greene, Patrick Mannelly, Mohamed Massaquoi, Randy Rhino, Jimmy Robinson, Ted Roof, Matt Stinchcomb and Danny Wuerffel.

All of us at HOI are grateful to Tony and Maria Barnhart for their ongoing support. Also, we are grateful for The Vinson Group: Realty Associates of Atlanta for their Title Sponsorship of the event, for Truitt Health and their sponsorship of the tournament banquet and Smoke Rise Baptist Church for sponsoring the drink cart.

Every day HOI and its staff are working to improve the lives of families in Central America. The proceeds of this tournament will drive the ball a long way in supporting HOI’s efforts in medical care, education, job creation, community improvement, agricultural development and spiritual training. You can be a part of this great day. By donating to the 19th Hole Challenge you can show your support for Tony, Frank and Coach Dooley and you can “carry” us further.

Simply visit and put 19th Hole Challenge in the memo line. Also, if you want to pass a message to Tony, Frank, Coach Dooley or any of the celebrities slated to play, visit HOI on Facebook leave a message to show your support. At HOI we know there is power in partnerships. We see it every day and we’re grateful for all you do to build strengthened communities in Honduras and Nicaragua.