Celebrating Success

by: Laurie Willing, Executive Director

The school year is winding down this month in Honduras and HOI’s 45 graduating middle school students are poised to move on to their next challenge, high school!

Throughout the year, HOI provides educational opportunities beyond the normal national middle school experience. Our students have access to a computer lab and internet, allowing them to do research and to become proficient in all Microsoft Office applications. Our health care staff provides health screenings and dental checkups for all students.  By providing English classes, a door is opened to more opportunities for future employment. Music and art classes contribute to a well-rounded education and builds their self esteem and pride in their accomplishments. Through HOI’s spiritual development program, students are exposed to God’s message in Bible class and have opportunities to receive Christian counseling.

93% of our middle school graduates continue on to high school each year.  This compares to 68% nationally!  Over 25 communities are represented at the middle school and parents now make sacrifices to make sure their children attend our school. They understand what it will mean for their child’s future to have a quality education, one that helps them reach their full potential and prepare them to be productive citizens.

HOI 9th graders

HOI also has an elementary school with over 130 students. The 20 graduating 6th graders are excited to be moving up to middle school in February. Currently in the community schools of the Agalta Valley, 43% of students finish elementary school. The HOI elementary school has a 98% graduation rate!

Our school offers a daily, nutritious mid-morning meal, which improves cognitive development and educational outcomes. Our lower school students also have opportunities to learn computer skills, English and have access to a campus library.

HOI 6th graders

Through our Pathway Education sponsorship program, U. S. sponsors have the opportunity to influence and encourage the students to remain dedicated to their studies. The funding from these sponsorships assist us in providing educational resources, all school supplies, internet access, school meals, quality teachers for each grade level and facilities for recreation.

Students who 10 years ago didn’t have dreams for their future beyond the 6th grade, now have aspirations of becoming nurses, doctors, engineers, agriculture specialists, business owners and computer technicians. We are excited to see what the future holds for these bright, young scholars!