Letter from the CEO

April 30, 2013

It’s an exciting time at HOI! After much research, several visits, and many prayers, the Board of Directors feels called to expand our ministries. We will begin by offering trips to Nicaragua in August of 2013. Our first project will be helping complete a medical clinic in the village of Los Robles. We will add additional Nicaraguan trips in the fall of 2013 to conduct our traditional Community Development work in the villages surrounding the town of Jinotega. It is important to note that these trips will be additive to our Honduras mission, as we are continuing to increase our presence in the Agalta Valley, with much work remaining to be done there.

In order to finance this growth we launched “The Way Forward” campaign last year. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, we’re halfway to our $5 million goal! Please consider joining us as we take this crucial step in our journey. Despite the inherent challenges in an expansion of this scope, we’re confident that the Lord will provide the means to accomplish His purposes.

Programs at the ranch are going well, and we are preparing for a very lively and busy summer in the Agalta Valley. In addition to expanding our computer training, new programs in sewing and cooking are now being offered at our schools with the help of the HAVE Foundation and Rotary International. Through the generosity of two more partners, MedShare and GlobalX (the missions arm of North Point Ministries), we’ve just received a semi-truck load of medical equipment and supplies to the Agalta Valley! These supplies will benefit our four clinics as well as surrounding healthcare providers, allowing Dr. German Jimenez and his team to offer even more robust healthcare services. Additionally, our group numbers continue to grow, and we plan to add even more teams to Honduras in the upcoming months.

We are in the final stages of rebranding our organization from “Honduras Outreach Inc.” to “HOI”, a change that allows us to express an identity and presence both in Honduras as well as other Central American countries. You’ll notice our fresh, bright new logo, and we will soon launch our entirely redesigned website targeting those who desire to travel with us.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you will let HOI host you on another transformative trip soon. Please keep HOI, the communities in the Agalta Valley, and our new friends in Nicaragua in your prayers.


Jerry Eickhoff, CEO