Concrete Mixing 101

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Construction is a major component of many mission trips, including HOI’s mission trips in Central America. One of the most basic and important steps in building latrines, chimneys, floors, and other projects is the mixing of concrete, or mezcla. To demonstrate how to mix concrete in a few easy steps, mission trip volunteers from Tarrytown United Methodist Church of Austin, Texas created a video that you can watch here.


Concrete is created from mixing dirt, or tierra, with pre-bagged concrete mix and water.


Use a shovel, or pala, to mix, being sure to keep the mixture contained.


Once the mixture has been adequately combined, create a volcano, or vulcan.


Carefully pour water in the center of the volcano without allowing the water to seep out the sides.


 Place the finished concrete in buckets, or los baldes, for use in floors, latrines, chimneys, and more.

Don’t forget to watch the video here!