When the first HOI mission teams arrived in the Agalta Valley, they immediately recognized the lack of nutrition in local villages. Seeing this critical need, experts were recruited to train residents in better farming techniques, and agriculture became one of HOI’s earliest and most important ministries. Today, this program continues to provide the training necessary to grow healthier food in higher quantities, ensuring better health for families throughout HOI’s 120 villages.

Not only are families able to eat nutritiously, they receive the opportunity to sell extra goods and produce at markets, encouraging independence and sustainability.

Our agricultural programs include:

  • Partnering with villages to create family and community gardens, improving nutrition and providing a source of income.
  • Educating residents in improved animal husbandry and farming techniques.
  • Providing ongoing support to members of local co-operatives like the Small Cattlemen’s Association and the Agalta Valley Milk Producer’s Association.
  • Arranging for Christian Veterinary Mission trip volunteers and local university students to treat animals and provide animal husbandry training within communities.
  • Offering internship training to local high school students interested in pursuing agricultural careers.

Because participants in our programs must in turn teach others in their communities, this valuable network of knowledge is spreading throughout the valley. It is our dream that in the future, residents will be able to feed their families and run profitable farms entirely on their own.

The majority of the people in the Agalta Valley provide for their families through farming and raising animals. You can make a difference by supporting this program and allowing us to continue this work. To donate, please click here.




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