The Agriculture Program provides families with training and technology to improve their food production capacity.  The program works by:

  • Training local farmers and cattlemen in artificial insemination, silage production, animal
    husbandry, and sustainable gardening
  • Helping communities increase their household income, and establish and run profitable farms
  • Providing on-going support to local cooperatives, such as the Small Cattlemen’s Association and the
    Agalta Valley Milk Producers Association
  • Bringing water irrigation to families through established alliances
  • Providing animal care and education to communities through veterinary mission teams
  • Offering internship training to local high school students interested in pursuing agricultural careers.
  • The majority of the people in the Agalta Valley provide for their families through farming and raising animals. You can make a difference by supporting this program and allowing us to continue this work. To donate, please click here.