Economic development is becoming a growing priority in order to create opportunities that will benefit and sustain communities for years to come. Our program encourages the creativity and initiative of budding entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams by teaching them business skills and by helping get their products to market.

There are currently several areas in which HOI focuses these efforts. In the village of El Aguacate, a woodworking co-op works together using peddle-driven bandsaws to produce beautifully carved crosses and ornaments. In the village of Las Delicias, a pottery co-op produces hand-sculpted pottery items, tiles for floors, and materials used to construct chimneys for adobe stoves. HOI is also involved in assisting the Agalta Valley Coffee Growers Co-operative, which creates opportunities for farmers to roast their beans and sell their coffee locally.

In 2014, HOI began training village committees to look for opportunities already within their reach, taking an inventory of their community’s current skills and assets, and creating plans to utilize those skills. After 4 months of research, business education, and budget preparation, the community of Santa Ana partnered with a US church who travels with HOI to begin constructing a chicken coop. Now, the business owners are selling eggs to the HOI ranch, their own community members, and surrounding villages as a small business named “Huevos el Rey”. They have also opened a bank account to manage the funds. Santa Ana’s commitment and vision to improve the lives in their community is becoming a reality and HOI hopes to continue replicating this impact in other villages of Central America.

You or your church can partner with HOI to help get projects like these off the ground and functioning. Your investment in economic development helps lay the foundation for generational transformation and instills a new level of dignity in the Honduras business owners. Contact Laurie Willing to discuss how to support these efforts.