HOI has been committed to education in Honduras for over two decades, first by providing scholarships for students to attend secondary schools and later through establishing our own elementary and middle schools. Aldersgate Elementary and Hope Middle, established in 2000 and 2001, are located just minutes away from Rancho el Paraíso and are managed and financed entirely by HOI. Through these schools, 268 students from over thirty villages are given the opportunity to receive a quality education. Students that attend and graduate from these schools are supported by Pathway Sponsorship donors, who commit to gifts of $50/month.

All scholarship contributions on behalf of elementary and middle school students are used to help underwrite the operations of HOI’s schools, in addition to the limited support which parents are able to provide. Students who graduate from HOI’s middle school and wish to continue their education may apply for scholarships to help pay tuition, room and board fees, allowing them to attend high schools within their chosen area of study.

Each Pathway Sponsorship donor is matched with a student based on current need. To see the impact of their gifts firsthand, donors receive letters, photos, and progress reports from their students twice a year. Many donors choose to meet with their students in person during mission trips to Honduras.

To become a Pathway sponsor, please click here.



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