HOI is responsible for the primary care of 33 villages as assigned by the Honduran Ministry of Health. Because of the quality of our service and availability of medications, we also serve patients from dozens of other villages as well. We operate four medical clinics. The largest of these clinics, located at Rancho el Paraíso, is staffed by a physician, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, dentist, health promoters and nurses. Three smaller clinics are located in rural outlying areas and are staffed by nurses. All of our clinics provide vaccinations, public health information and many other basic health needs for an average of 10,000 Hondurans annually.

Each year, specialized North American medical professionals travel to the ranch to support the work of our Honduran staff through medical mission trips. These professionals include general practitioners, dentists, dental hygienists, hearing specialists, rehabilitation therapists, nutritionists and more. We actively recruit specialists to both see patients and train local medical personnel in the treatment of disorders that are difficult to address in Honduras.

The results of HOI’s involvement in healthcare are astounding. Since we began our public health efforts over 20 years ago, the vaccination rate in our area has risen from 15% in 1990 to 99% in 2013. The number of malnourished children has decreased significantly, and the sanitation in the villages has improved dramatically. Infant mortality in our area of influence has plummeted from 68 deaths per 1,000 to only eight deaths per 1,000 in the last three years.

Since oral health is critical to overall well-being, HOI has begun offering preventative and restorative dental care. As well as hiring a full time dentist at our main clinic, we have bought and outfitted a vehicle designated as a mobile clinic to transport the medical team members, portable dentist hair, mobile compressor, drills and generator to our remote clinics. As this ministry grows, we invite dental professionals to partner with our dental staff in Honduras and maximize the impact on local communities.


In 2015 we launched our latest health initiative: the Family Health Partner Program.  Through this project we are actively working to bring clean water, medical care and hygiene education to each family in the Agalta Valley and San Lorenzo regions of Honduras, and the surrounding communities of Los Robles, Nicaragua.  We have an ambitious goal of installing 1,000 clean water filters in Honduras and Nicaragua through our mission teams this year. This project will benefit countless numbers of lives and will help change the face of healthcare in the areas we serve.


HOI’s goal is to create a system of healthcare that can serve as a model for all of rural Honduras. To help us reach this goal and continue improving the health of those we serve,  we encourage you to donate here or serve on a mission trip as a medical professional.



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