For almost 3 decades, HOI has partnered with the Honduran Ministry of Health to provide affordable healthcare to 33 communities across the Agalta Valley. Our HOI staff and medical mission teams provide patients quality care treatment in 4 clinics across 4 areas: dentistry, physical and emotional therapy, primary care, and nutrition and child weight monitoring.

All of our clinics provide vaccinations, health information and serve the basic health needs of around 10,000 Hondurans annually. HOI staff and mission teams also travel to communities to educate the public about best health practices and prevention. Our goal is to create a healthcare system that can serve as a model for all of rural Honduras.


HOI has increased the vaccination rate in the Agalta Valey from 15% to 97%, which is higher than the United States vaccination rate! Our health services have decreased the infant mortality rate from 69 infant deaths per 1,000 live births to zero!

Join us! We invite all medical professionals, medical and health students, and healthcare organizations to partner with us to continue to provide a healthier future in Central America!