Nicaragua, with its widespread poverty, is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Agriculturalist and indigenous populations often lack access to healthcare services, and homes often do not have basic necessities such as clean water, latrines, and chimneys for wood burning stoves. HOI began sending mission trip volunteers to Nicaragua in 2013.

Finca el Peten, HOI’s home base near Jinotega, Nicaragua, is an organic coffee farm with dormitories and dining facilities for volunteers. Located on the shores of Lake Apanás, Finca el Peten is only 20 minutes from the village of Los Robles, where volunteers will participate in community development projects.

This mission trip to Nicaragua includes a visit to the colonial city of Granada, the first European city in mainland America, and potential additional trips to the Nicaraguan coast and volcanic sites.

Nicaragua mission trips are available for groups of 10-18 individuals. To learn more, please contact Laurie Willing.