The goal of the Spiritual Development Program is to bring the Gospel to every family by expanding the kingdom. HOI Spiritual Development works in 3 ways:

Missionary Work
Missions teams travel to communities to pray with families or individuals requesting prayer, give children vacation bible school classes and worship with HOI staff during the week.

Marriage and Family Therapy
HOI’s Marriage and Family Therapy Ministry is designed to decrease family problems and bless marriages in Christ. HOI equips local pastors with the knowledge needed to provide counseling to families within their congregations. Pastor and Spiritual Development Director, Selvin Aguilar, along with these trained pastors work to strengthen families and marriages through workshops and counseling.

Since it’s creation in 2016, our marriage ministry has touched 3,500 lives!

HOI also disseminates a marriage and family radio talk which reaches many more communities unable to attend in-person sessions.

Young Life
With young men and women normally completing their public education at the end of sixth grade, there is a shortage of employment and community involvement for young people. Our desire is to provide biblical leadership and instill Christian values in young men and women in order for them to become leaders in their villages and country.

Through partnership with Young Life, HOI has transformed the lives of 200 vulnerable teens!