HOI’s Spiritual Development program is dedicated to building Christ-centered relationships and teaching the Bible throughout the Agalta Valley through local pastoral staff and visiting North American mission trip teams. Our staff pastor invests in local village pastors, who together arrange for visiting teams to meet with families and individuals who express a desire to pray together. This builds a profound and loving relationship, opening the door for more discussions throughout the work week and even upon the volunteers’ return the following year. There is also a time for devotion and praise twice a week at Rancho el Paraíso for the visiting mission teams and ranch employees to worship together.

With young men and women normally completing their public education at the end of sixth grade, there is a shortage of employment and community involvement for young people. Our desire is to provide biblical leadership and instill Christian values in young men and women in order for them to become leaders in their villages and their country.

In the spring of 2014, HOI began a partnership with Young Life, an international organization dedicated to introducing adolescents to Christ and helping them grow in their faith. HOI welcomed two Nicaraguan Young Life staff members, Michael and Daniela, to the Agalta Valley of Honduras. They spend their time ministering to the youth through various outlets such as soccer, Bible studies, club meetings, and camp. Our hope is that through Young Life, we will continue to spread the Word of God and help others grow in their faith throughout this region. It is clear that God is present and working through Michael and Daniela to point the hearts of the youth towards Him.



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