CNN recognizes the grim reality that many children around the world aren’t afforded the opportunity to enjoy the once in a lifetime chance to simply “be” a kid.  Thousands of kids across the globe are forced to give up their lives of innocence and bright-eyed curiosity in exchange for working long grueling hours for a meager wage to help support their families.  CNN, and others, have equated this travesty to a form of modern day child slavery.  However, rather than solely focusing on the bleak reality of their condition, the global news corporation has launched a campaign to demonstrate how education has helped, and continues to help, children escape the clutches of child labor and have the hope for a better future.

HOI also recognizes the role that education plays in the life of a child and the impact that it can have on their future.  We have such a firm conviction that education is one of the primary solutions for a better Honduras that we have established two schools in our primary area of influence:  Aldersgate Elementary and Hope Middle School.  These schools empower children to become all they were meant to be and to dream big!  Our students recognize that they can attain a better standard of living for themselves and their families, and together they can help uplift their entire community.  Not only do we empower children to dream, we help make those dreams become a reality by supporting them through a well-rounded curriculum that includes cooking, sewing, computer, and English classes in addition the standard curriculum provided by the Honduran Ministry of Education.

Honduras Outreach
To highlight some of our students stories and our schools’ accomplishments, we’ve taken to Twitter and Instagram, using CNN’s hashtag #EducationHelpedMe. There we’ve been sharing a few things that make our schools special and the impact that they’ve had on the youth of the Agalta Valley.  If you’ve helped support these students on their path towards prosperity by becoming a Pathway sponsor, or would like to support us in our mission, you can join the conversation by 1) posting a picture of you and your student (or just your student if you have the photo), 2) use the hashtag #EducationHelpedMe to tell your story and 3) Tag @HOIInc so we can help spread your amazing story of transformation!!!