Standing on Her Own Two Feet: Eloisa’s Story

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By Waly Ruiz, HOI Managerial Secretary

Eloisa Santos is a two-year-old native of La Higuera, Gualaco. At 10 months old, she developed spastic cerebral palsy after a high fever caused seizures that affected her brain and rendered her unable to develop cognitive and motor skills. As a result, she was unable to move.


When Mirian del Carmen Flores, little Eloisa’s mother, learned that a group of physical therapists were visiting Rancho el Paraiso, she took her daughter to the ranch clinic. There she was evaluated by visiting North American physical therapists and physical therapy students from UNAH, a Honduran university. They gave Mirian exercises to do with Eloisa at home.

A few months later Eloisa returned to the clinic, when her mother learned that physical therapy services were being offered again. She was evaluated and referred to Teletón, a rehabilitation center where she was given a new treatment plan to follow. It was then that the hard work began.

Eloisa now visits Rancho el Paraiso every week. There Jorge Luís Pacheco, a physical therapist at the ranch clinic, leads her in a series of exercises that have led to astounding results.


“I’m really surprised with the evolution that Eloisa has had over these 3 months. Now she can make various movements and expressions that she couldn’t make before, including defensive reflexes,” Jorge explained.

“I feel very satisfied with the progress I see her make,” Mirian said about her daughter. “Now she can make herself sit up, and with a little help, she can stand. Before she couldn’t do it.”


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