God is Our Provider: Reflections from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Mission Team

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This summer the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian mission team embarked on their ninth missionary journey to Honduras. This extraordinary group from Dunedin, Florida has wholeheartedly embraced HOI’s mission in Central America and has become deeply entrenched in the work that we do. This year they returned to the village of El Mico and were eager to do so.

If you’ve ever traveled with us on a mission trip you know how deeply moving the experience can be. The excitement, the adventure, the spiritual encounters — they can all be very emotional and dramatic moments. As impactful as these times are, we still can come away missing some of the fine details that made our time in Honduras or Nicaragua memorable. That’s why blogging and journaling are important activities during a mission trip.

Thankfully, the St. Andrew’s team collectively journaled about their experiences and have shared them on their blog for our reading. As you read over their four days of work and development you’ll read the key take aways and defining moments for different team members. Read over their entries over the next few days prayerfully and relive their amazing experience in Olancho, Honduras.*


Monday, July 11, 2016


Honduras day 1 at the village

God is the great provider. We are so blessed to have him as our daddy. I write this because our morning started out with a devotion with our ranch staff and all the mission teams in a circle around the cross.  The pastor on the ranch, spoke to us about living water and how God is our father, but we should call him daddy . He wants a personal relationship with us, like our own dads. This was extra special because our day 2 devotional in our mission booklet spoke about Coming Thirsty. God fills us with living water and we are filled with Him, not things.

We saw this today especially at the village of El Mico. Our wonderful Honduran family was so joyful to see us. Some of us ran to our brothers and sisters in Christ to greet them. We shared memories, photos and love. We met new babies and worked alongside old friends. It was a day we all were truly filled with the living water. Our daddy blessed us and showed us an abundance of love.

We also saw the school that St Andrews and St. Mary’s is sponsoring. The walls are going up and we will be working on it tomorrow. Much is being accomplished in El Mico. We are seeing God’s hand everywhere. We love all of you at home and are very thankful for all of your prayers and support.  Pictures will post soon!

Love and Blessings,

Debi Fiegle
Global Mission Deacon


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