Happy Honduran Children’s Day! Let’s Celebrate Together!

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on September 10, 2015 CATEGORY: Blog Education general Honduras COMMENTS: 0


If there were ever a day that kids especially looked forward to in Honduras it would be today —  Día del Niño, or Children’s Day, a day that’s solely dedicated to them all across the country!  Children’s Day is an internationally recognized holiday that is observed on different days by different countries.  This “holiday” as it were, is a day wholly dedicated to children, recognizing them for who they, who they’re growing into, and who they have the potential to be.  Parents often spend a considerable amount of time with their children on this day, celebrating with picnics and a number of fun activities.  They also give their children gifts, toys, and candy if they are able to afford it.  You can think of this day as a happy medium between Christmas and your childhood birthday.

While the day is filled with joy, laughter, and fun we want to take time and remember the children around the world, especially in Honduras and Nicaragua, that cannot celebrate this day as “their” day.  Many children have lost the opportunity to enjoy their innocence and childhood because of extreme poverty and their poor living conditions.  Many children in the Agalta Valley and the San Lorenzo community have to sacrifice their childhood to work in the fields to earn a meager wage to help their families survive.

Although the situation for many youth in Honduras is bleak, you can help change their situation and the on-going narrative of their lives.  With your help and partnership, HOI can continue to offer sustainable assistance to children and their families in the areas of health, education, spirituality, economic development, and agriculture.  For over 25 years we have been a dedicated partner to the people of Honduras and we are dedicated to helping give children and their families a “hand up” out of poverty and not just a “hand out”.  You can join the HOI family and be a part of that difference today by making a donation of any size to support our ministry in Central America (http://hoi.org/online-donations/).  If you want to take the extra step for an even greater impact, consider sponsoring a student in one of our schools today (https://hoi.childsponsorshipservices.org/home).


Make a difference in a child’s life today and help make it a Happy “Día del Niño”!