Happy Honduran Independence Day!

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on September 15, 2015 CATEGORY: Blog Honduras COMMENTS: 0

Happy Independence Day Honduras! Today marks the 194th celebration of the declaration of independence from Spain by the five states of Central America; Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica.


To mark this special day every town puts on a parade. Throughout Honduras you can hear drums, see children being escorted down streets by teachers as they’re dressed up in their costumes, and feel the excitement in the air. Many of the young ladies are dressed in beautiful gowns and the national soccer jersey is a favorite of many of the young boys.


Our Honduras Community Development Director, Eriberto Rivera’s son was ready for the parade today (pictured above). He decided to forego his soccer jersey this year and opted to have a dress rehearsal for his future. He wants to be a successful business executive…and we believe he’ll achieve that and so much more!