Family Health Partnership

Clean water, hygiene education, and quality medical care are essential to the health of any family.  Most important of these for the families in Honduras and Nicaragua is clean water.  Without clean water healthy living is not possible.  Less than 30% of the people in Honduras and Nicaragua have access to health care.  2 million people live on less than 90 cents a day.  Contaminated water continues to be the number one source of illness and death in Latin America.

For years HOI has been addressing these critical needs by building infrastructure that provides running water and medical care in the Agalta Valley.  We have made a significant impact in the battle against waterborne diseases that cause illness and death.  Yet, in spite of these improvements, water in many homes still becomes harmful due to the fouling of water sources, breaks in water lines, lack of hygiene education, improper storage and unsanitary handling.

In the areas where HOI has expanded (San Lorenzo, Honduras; and Los Robles, Nicaragua), the lack of a clean water system makes health for families even more challenging.

Family Health Partners Plan

To address these challenges, HOI is introducing the Family Health Partners plan.

Family Health Partner Infographic
The families in Honduras and Nicaragua will do their part by participating in classes and training, community service hours and/or a minimum financial investment.

Our goal in the next 12 months is to dramatically improve the health of 1,000 of the most vulnerable families in the areas God has called us to serve.

For $39 a month you and your family can partner with HOI to create a healthy future for the families in Honduras and Nicaragua.  We will keep you informed as to the overall progress of this initiative and celebrate with you the good work that is being done by your generosity.

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