Celebrating Our Teachers

In the remote Agalta Valley of Honduras there are scores of children preparing to make Honduras a happier, brighter, more hopeful place to live.  Some are learning their ABC’s, their 1-2-3’s, and the importance of being honest.  Others are learning advanced mathematics, what it means to be a productive citizen, computer skills, and planning their next steps in life.  In an area where there seems to be little hope and very few options for the future, students that attend HOI’s elementary and middle schools are receiving what we wish every Honduran child could have — a quality education at the hands of caring teachers.

October 5 marks World Teacher Day and we want to honor and celebrate the amazing teachers that help our students build pathways to success.  Our teachers are not only apt to teach, but they genuinely care about their students and are willing to invest in their present and future success.  HOI’s teaching staff not only prepares our students academically, but they help develop global citizens that will positively contribute to society.  Best of all, perhaps, is the fact that our educators teach our students Christian values and ethics which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Teaching is very important job, but it is often a thankless one.  We want to show the teachers at HOI’s Aldersgate Elementary and Hope Middle School that we support and appreciate their tremendous efforts into helping our students grow academically, personally, and spiritually.  To show your support and appreciation, we’re asking that you write a simple letter of thanks and appreciation in your own words and mail it in to our office at:

HOI, Inc.
Attn: World Teacher Day
1990 Lakeside Parkway
Suite 140
Tucker, GA 30084

We’ll be collecting these letters for the next couple of weeks and will hand deliver them to our teaching staff in November.  They’ll be delighted to know that they’re in your thoughts and prayers!


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