HOI Schools Attracting More Students!

by: Laurie Willing

They will walk for an hour, ride their horses, share a bicycle, pay to ride a school bus or load up the back of a truck just to get to the HOI schools! Students in the Agalta Valley are coming from over 30 villages to attend our schools because they know that HOI provides a quality education and opportunities for the future.

So what makes our schools different? At our Aldersgate Elementary school we have one teacher per grade level, an English language teacher, textbooks and school supplies for each child, a library and a newly landscaped school yard. We serve a healthy mid-morning snack, give computer keyboard instruction and have a devotion time led by a local pastor.

The HOI Hope Middle School computer lab has 35 computers and internet access. The students attend English class, have access to a science lab and are presented with a Biblical message each week by Young Life leaders.  The library contains hundreds of books including classic novels, reference books, world maps and instructional resources. Sewing, cooking and farming are taught to provide vocational skills for the future and interested youth can participate in band, Honduran dance or chorus. The new Vince Dooley Soccer field, complete with bleachers and a score board, is something every student is proud of.

The new school year began in February and there was an increase of students enrolled in our middle school.  To accommodate all of the students attending, HOI hired two additional teachers and created two additional classes.  Plans and funding for a part time music teacher this year are also being considered.

In 2014, 33 ninth graders graduated from Hope M.S., with 100% applying to attend a local high school. This compares to 25% of public school graduates in the country. Parents and children in our area have come to value education and understand the difference it can make for their future.

Honduras Outreach
With an enrollment of 268 students in our two schools this year, the challenge is to find a Pathway sponsor for each child. The Pathway Scholarship program helps to fund all aspects of this educational system. Additional funding sources such as the H.A.V.E. Foundation, Atlanta Rotary and International Rotary, have helped to create a learning environment that was once only a dream.

Take this opportunity now to be a part of something BIG!  Sponsor a student…..

Laurie Willing

Laurie is the Executive Director for HOI and enjoys spending time with her family and college football.
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