HOI Staff Updates

by Laurie Willing

HOI is blessed with an amazing staff that works under very difficult yet eternally rewarding conditions. We are proud that our teams on site manage every aspect of our various ministries including the important group visits. While we are always sad to say goodbye when a team member is called to another opportunity, we’re happy for the time and commitment they were able to give HOI. The following are some of the key changes to our staff in the last quarter and also some important position enhancements.


Pastor Wilmer

Pastor Wilmer Padilla. After serving with HOI for 10 years as our spiritual life director, Pastor Wilmer seized upon his life-long dream of pastoring full time in a local church. Wilmer impacted many lives during the course of his time with us, including training over 150 local pastors in the HOI Louise Mahaffey Bible Training Center. We will all miss Wilmer and pray God’s blessings on his new ministry.

Pastor Selvin Elvir, Director of Spiritual Development and Ranch Pastor. We are happy to announce that God quickly helped us find a new leader for the HOI Spiritual Growth Ministry at the Ranch with the hiring of Pastor Selvin.

Selvin’s ministry will be focused on family counseling; teaching; pastoring, and using his passion for audio-video production and story telling to reach people with the gospel and to tell the HOI story and those of the people who live in our influence area. An added bonus is that Selvin speaks English. He and his family live in Tegucigalpa.

Waly Ruiz

Waly Ruiz, After many years with HOI as Jose’s primary support administrator, Waly has decided the commute from Juticalpa and separation from her family made it time to accept a teaching position near her home. Waly has been an amazing blessing to HOI and our entire team and she will be greatly missed.

Dr. Sandy Matute, Dentist. Sandy joined us as our full time dentist and we are delighted to have her on the team. She is experienced and is already making a big impact in the Valley. In addition to her traditional dental work, Sandy is focused on  dental hygiene education. She is also overseeing the expansion of the Dental Clinic and the addition of an X-ray machine. Modern dentistry is coming to Olancho. Sandy is bi-lingual with English.

Jorge Mayen, Water Systems Coordinator. Having recently graduated as a certified Health Promoter, Jorge is overseeing the expansive point-of-consumption water projects of HOI. He is coordinating the education of the local populations; the implementation teams; water testing; and the CDC oversight efforts of HOI. Since we plan to help take clean water to over 1000 homes this year, Jorge is going to be very busy.


Ana Oliva, Economic Development Assistant. Ana is working with Eriberto Rivera, helping identify and implement job creation opportunities. Ana spent time with HOI as an intern while she was in school. Now that she has graduated she has moved to her new full time position. Ana also speaks English.



DoricelDoricel Aguirre, Group Leader. We are excited to announce we’ve hired our first full-time staff person in Nicaragua to work closely with our on-the-ground partner Comunidad Connect. Doricel worked for HOI as a part-time group leader in the past and we were so impressed with her that we asked her to join us full-time. Doricel is a citizen of Nicaragua and a friend of HOI Community Development Director, Ale Dominguez’s from their time in college together in the States, and she speaks English.



MorganLearyMorgan Leary, HOI Missions Coordinator.  In addition to the busy job Morgan has working with the teams that travel to the Ranch, she has added the responsibility  of Clean Water Coordinator to help liaison between the ranch staff, village implementation efforts, the HOI Water Czar (Stuart Garner), and CDC testing and evaluation. Morgan’s role is designed to and ensure the most effective implementation and documentation possible.


Caitlin McCormick, HOI Development Coordinator. In addition to her role working with the fundraising group of HOI, Caitlin has been asked to draw on her experiences in Nicaragua to be the HOI Economic Development Coordinator. Caitlin will liaison in support of the US Economic Development Committee, HOI Economic Development personnel in country, outside support resources for job creation, and partner organizations. Our goal is to dramatically enhance the pace of our economic development efforts to create sustainable income streams.


Laurie Willing

Laurie Willing
Executive Director