Honduran and Nicaraguan Independence

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on September 15, 2016 CATEGORY: Blog Education Health Honduras Mission Teams Nicaragua COMMENTS: 0

Today marks the 195th anniversary of five Central American states’ declaration of independence from Spain. Two of those states are Honduras and Nicaragua, our long term partners in mission and ministry. As the nations celebrate their independence in a historical sense, HOI celebrates the their continued independence from a different perspective.

1. We celebrate the Agalta Valley’s freedom from high infant mortality.


Loss of life is always terrible, even more so when a child dies in their infancy. According to the United Nations the world’s infant mortality rate is 49.4 and 42.09 according to the CIA World Factbook. When HOI began working with the people of Olancho in 1989, the infant mortality rate was extremely high. Now, almost 30 years later, infant mortality has nearly been eliminated in the areas which we work.

2. We celebrate students’ freedom to determine to their own futures.


HOI is proud to operate two fully operational schools near our ranch in San Esteban. Our elementary and middle schools have some of the best and brightest students that Honduras has to offer. Our students have a robust curriculum that features technology, English, and life skill classes. A well rounded education affords our students the opportunity to dream. Not only are they able to dream, they are free to determine their own futures and make their dreams a reality.

3. We celebrate families’ freedom to live a happy and healthy life.


In 2016, HOI set out on an ambitious project to make potable water more accessible in our three service areas. To date, we have installed almost 1,000 water filters! The results so far have been impressive and the impact is measurable. When speaking of the benefits of the home water filters, HOI Water Projects and Mission Team Coordinator, Morgan Leary reflects, “The positive impact that the water filters have on families is numerous. The families that we’ve interviewed have reported that they can see a clear difference in their overall health. In addition to the health benefits, families are experiencing a positive economic impact as well. Breadwinners aren’t missing as many days at work which allows them to earn more and families are beginning to save money that previously went towards the purchase of bottled water.”

As we continue to celebrate freedom and independence in Central America we invite you to join us in our efforts. Consider donating to our Family Health Partnership, sponsoring a student, or making a general donation towards HOI’s ministries. Thanks for your support!