Honduran Celebrities Support HOI’s Students

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on October 9, 2015 CATEGORY: Blog Education Honduras COMMENTS: 0


You and world class Olympic swimmer Ana Joselina Fortin have something HUGE in common! You guessed it — you’re both supporters of HOI’s mission in Honduras!

Ana Joselina Fortin teamed up with Honduran radio personality Jacko Hernandez for a friendly, charitable swimming competition. They agreed that whoever came in second place had to sponsor a student through HOI’s Pathway Scholarship program.

Needless to say, Ana Joselina Fortin was the winner, but in the end students in the Agalta Valley won even bigger. Both Jacko Hernandez AND Ana Joselina ended up sponsoring a student.


What a fun and exciting way for Hondurans to be involved in the transformation of their country! You can join them by sponsoring a student today. Visit our website at https://hoi.childsponsorshipservices.org/home to learn more!

To view the full video and article in Spanish click here >>> http://radiohouse.hn/quien-paga-una-sirena-olimpica-o-yo/