Hondurans Helping Hondurans

by: Camila Reina

HOI’s mission has touched the hearts and lives not only of those who have been on the receiving end in Honduras, but of those who have joined the efforts to contribute to build prosperity and well being for those in need in the Agalta Valley.

This year, we are gearing our efforts to expand our network of donors and collaborators within the Honduran community. We are building and pursuing strategic partnerships with local associations and companies for entrepreneurial coaching, corporate volunteer programs, and project partnerships. In order to accomplish our goals, HOI is developing a strong branding campaign in Central America that will raise awareness of our mission and facilitate in-country involvement from other Hondurans and Nicaraguans.  The campaign aims to shed light on our education scholarships, economic development, and health programs, as well as our future, long term projects in the region related to the energy and agricultural industries that would lead to job creation.


The general acceptance for the HOI proposal and mission has been very positive, and we’re certain this will result in a year filled with a new Honduran partners and projects benefiting the people of the regions we serve.  To accomplish our goals, we are placing a major emphasis on in-country fundraising in Honduras in 2015. HOI’s positive influence and growing reputation prove to be an inspiring testimony of what can be done, and we are confident that this will be a catalyst for national investment.

2015 is all about presenting the opportunity for Honduras local partners to join with HOI and invest in the next generation.

Camila Reina, Director of Development and Government Relations
Camila is the new Director of Development and Government Relations and is leading this effort in Honduras. Camila lives in Tegucigalpa and works closely with HOI Honduras Country Director, Jose Mondragon. Camila was educated at Salamanca University in Spain and at London School of Economics.