"Huevos el Rey" Hatches in Santa Ana

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As HOI continues to impact the Agalta Valley through various programs, economic development is becoming a growing priority in order to create opportunities that will benefit communities for years to come.

A few villages near the ranch received training from HOI last fall on Asset Based Community Development, an approach that assesses a village’s existing assets as well as resources from their government and other local entities. In this way, local people are encouraged to look for opportunities already within their reach that will provide income and improve their quality of life.

To kick off the training, village committees brainstormed ideas that would help improve their communities five years down the road. They prioritized, set goals, and drew up plans with the guidance of HOI staff. HOI selected two projects that demonstrated strong initiative, planning and support by the community leaders.

One of the projects selected was an egg production plan in Santa Ana. After 4 months of research, business education and budget preparation, this project is becoming a reality.


With the assistance from their partner church’s mission team, Smoke Rise Baptist, the community built a chicken coop and participated in training to learn how to run a small business.  The village provided the initial investment toward the purchase of the chickens, and the project was inaugurated with the catchy name of Huevos el Rey, or King Eggs.

The HOI ranch staff has supported the community of Santa Ana with guidance throughout this process and was present when the village celebrated its first sale of eggs. Santa Ana is committed and eager to be a part of HOI’s newest focus, and their vision to improve the lives of families in their community is becoming a reality.