In Memoriam – Dan Pattillo, Sr.

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Letter from the CEO

In Memoriam- Dan Pattillo

November 25, 2015



Dan Pattillo

It is with heavy hearts that we let you know that one of God’s mighty warriors, Dan Pattillo,  has gone on his last great mission trip. Dan died peacefully last night surrounded by family and his beloved wife Anne. He now is at peace with the Lord he served so generously and well.

Dan was a powerhouse developer in Atlanta for many years, and he became the driving force behind building the infrastructure of the HOI Ranch in Honduras. Through many trips, Dan and his team planned each of the buildings on the Ranch, shipped down all the materials and equipment necessary for construction, and then, as only Dan could do, working in concert with local and US volunteer labor, provided the “hands on” effort and expertise required to build each facility. Having these wonderful facilites has made it possible for us to host thousands of mission members over the past 26 years to partner with 35,000 residents in 130 villages. Dan and Anne also contributed the funds necessary to establish HOI’s award winning clinic in Olancho. Then he built it.



Dan Pattillo Clinic

Anne and Dan Pattillo have left their mark of extreme generosity on people and organizations all over Atlanta, the United States, and the world; but, in no place did he have a bigger impact than Honduras Outreach, Inc. (HOI) and the country of Honduras. Literally thousands of people in this developing country are living healthier and happier lives because of the groundwork he selflessly laid over a 20 year period.

As Thanksgiving approaches, and I reflect upon our ministry in Central America, there is no person I am more thankful for than Dan Pattillo.The trips weren’t easy, the work hard, but the result and the reward were immeasurable. Dan never asked anyone to do anything he wasn’t prepared to do himself. It is the kind of selfless leadership by example that we need so desperately in today’s world. God bless Dan as he rests in Heaven, and  we pray God’s grace and peace for Anne and the family as they deal with this irreplaceable loss.

I also predict God and St. Peter will soon be hearing they’re “burning daylight”!

In His name,