Jaime’s Christmas Wish

by: Jon Thompson, Founder of Comunidad Connect

In Fall 2017, Comunidad Connect launched a local construction initiative to address household infrastructure for those living on the margin of society.  With the generous support of donors whose churches have visited Los Robles over the last few years, Comunidad Connect is hiring local masons and builders to install concrete floors, improved stoves and ovens which will benefit over 250 people before Christmas.

Yet, there are some cases that we cannot resolve alone.

I met Jamie Ramos and his family this past August.  I was led to his house by Yarisleidy Cortez, the Program Director of Nica Agua.  Yarisleidy had met Jaime in an adjacent community of San Esteban and was moved by his story of losing his leg in the Nicaraguan Civil War as a teenager.  Since then, Jaime has received little assistance from the government, but luckily he was able to secure a prosthetic leg from a medical brigade 5 years ago.

family in front of home

Jaime (left) stands with his family in front of his home in Nicaragua.

After meeting Yarisleidy, Jaime started working in the community to complete the requirement to receive a water filter from Nica Agua. Jaime completed his 16  hours working on the roads of his community with his neighbors, but not before damaging his prosthetic leg.

When I met Jaime and his family, he was at home recuperating and wary of the pending rains coming during the wet season.  His home is a ramshackle mix of bamboo and plastic with salvaged car seats as furniture and disposable diapers hanging from the rafters, drying to be used again.

Jaime is going to need a new place to shelter his family soon.  With the support of the local indigenous community, and our in-country team who began advocating on his behalf,  we were able to get Jaime included in a project that will build 70 new homes in the region.  So, by Christmas, Jaime Ramos should have a new home – now we just need to help get a new leg!

Click here to learn more about our partner, Comunidad Connect. If you are interested in serving in Nicaragua with Comunidad Connect, contact egrossman@hoi.org