StuartGarner_imgDr. Hernández-Alcerro currently serves as Chief of Staff to Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández. Dr. Hernández-Alcerro has thirty-nine years of experience in the academic field and public service, both in his native Honduras and internationally. He has served as professor in public law, career ambassador, international judge and Central America’s representative in international development institutions, member of the National Constituent Assembly that drafted the Honduran Constitution, four times elected congressman, and appointed as a member of the Cabinet. He has worked in both the private and public banking sectors and is an entrepreneur.

Dr. Hernández-Alcerro is a well-known lecturer and panelist to innumerable local and national public and private institutions in Honduras. As a Congressman he had different legislative initiatives. He is recognized as one of the main writers of the Constitution of Honduras and has drafted, actively promoted and participated in the issuance of important legislation. As Secretary of Justice and the Interior, he championed the causes of local economic development; administrative, technical and financial strengthening of the municipalities, territorial management and fiscal decentralization.

Dr. Hernández-Alcerro is married to Mariza Veiga, a French Language and French Literature graduate of Brazilian origin. He is the father of Alejandro Hernández, a Rice University and Columbia University alum and currently an investment banker for Goldman Sachs in Houston, Texas; and Morela Hernández, a Rice University and Duke University alum and currently a Professor of Management at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. He is the proud grandfather of Chloe Juliette, Lila Grace and Kate Alexandra Hernández, and Luca Paul and Anisa Natalia Singh.
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