Letter from the CEO

June 28, 2013

As the ad says, “It’s all about logistics,” and that’s certainly true for our amazing staff at the ranch this summer. With over 500 mission team members joining us over 3 months this summer, try to imagine the amount of planning and coordination it takes to handle the food, transportation, housing, and work materials required for these teams and their projects in our remote location. This would be a huge job if we had good roads; consider what it’s like with the ones we have! We are certainly blessed with a very professional, capable, calm, and accommodating staff in Honduras. What these colleagues accomplish in that most difficult of environments is truly miraculous.

In addition to our normal busy pace with the groups this summer, there have been a lot of other exciting things going on at the ranch and in Honduras for HOI. One of our partners, GlobalX, has had a film crew at the ranch filming a mini-documentary of the impact of our healthcare program, specifically highlighting our recent MedShare shipment consisting of a container full of equipment and supplies. These wonderful gifts were used to update our clinics and also to help supply other clinics and medical facilities in the area. Collectively this will help our healthcare professionals, led by Dr. German Jimenez, to provide an even higher level of health services to the Valley.

We have also hosted visiting delegations from several major Honduran corporations in the south of the country to observe how we implement our faith-based programs with such effective results. This group became aware of HOI through the good offices of Ambassador Hernandez, the Honduran representative in Washington. These companies are interested in helping improve the quality of life for the people that live in villages surrounding the locations of their businesses, and they recognize and are interested in how Christ at the core of our work makes such a big difference.

Ambassador Campbell of Nicaragua, HOI CEO Jerry Eickhoff, and Ambassador Hernandez of Honduras

Ambassador Campbell of Nicaragua, HOI CEO Jerry Eickhoff, and Ambassador Hernandez of Honduras in Washington, D.C.

The ranch has also had two visiting teams from Nicaragua this summer as part of our preparations for initiating group travel to that country. We have, in return, sent teams to Nicaragua, most recently Ale Dominguez and Ivan Varela, to train our new partners in our methodologies and approach to partnering with local villagers. Our first team travels to Nicaragua in August. We are now open for business there, so if you know of a team that would like to add an additional trip to Nicaragua, please let us know.

On another front, our Honduran Country Director, Jose Mondragon, was able to initiate completion of a difficult and long-awaited water project this summer. Just this week we saw the drilling of a very productive well that will service two villages, Las Trojas and El Quebrachal, that have never had access to clean water. Imagine the joy! The villagers are raising the funds for the pump and electrical equipment, putting in the piping themselves, and providing the funds to run and maintain the pump and well. The funds to provide this life-changing supply of water were generously supplied by First Baptist Church of Thomson, Georgia.

Finally, we have been blessed by several Christian Veterinary Missionary team members who have performed training, education, and procedure support throughout the valley this summer. These men and women have performed literally thousands of procedures on animals large and small in our villages. The impact on the health and welfare of the local people cannot be measured, but when you improve the health of the livestock and domestic animals, and also dramatically reduce the population of cats and dogs through spaying and neutering, the impact is geometric and substantial. Thank you all!

Please keep our staff in Honduras in your prayers as they do all they can to provide a safe, fun, productive and spirit-filled week for our teams from the U.S. We so appreciate their dedication to HOI and to God’s work. We also thank each of you who have given of your time and resources to answer God’s call to serve. “I will go Lord, if you lead me. I will hold Your people in my heart.”


Jerry Eickhoff