Letter from the CEO

Young Life in Olancho

April 7, 2014

HOI has been addressing the growing spiritual needs of the young people in Olancho for several years, with Pastor Wilmer Padilla holding youth events at the ranch, leading chapel in the schools, and providing one-on-one counseling to students. Now, Young Life’s proven method of meeting teens on their own terms and building personal, trusting relationships will continue to bring more young people to Christ.

After months of prayer, discussions and site visits, HOI and Young Life have agreed to launch a Young Life ministry in the Agalta Valley. The core leaders, Michael and Daniela Aguilar, will be based out of Rancho el Paraiso and managed by Young Life leadership in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with additional oversight from Young Life in Nicaragua.

Michael and Daniela_01

Young Life Nicaragua is booming with over 300 leaders across the country, and two of their dedicated leaders will comprise our Vida Joven leadership team in Honduras. This month, Michael and Daniela will be moving to the ranch. Recently married, they will launch their ministry in the Agalta Valley by leveraging the relationships already established by HOI and Pastor Wilmer with the local church leaders, the schools, and the students in the area. They will live on the ranch while working in communities throughout the Agalta Valley. You can learn more about their personal walks with Christ by reading the blog here.

Many of HOI’s supporters in the United States with deep roots in Young Life have been instrumental in making this a reality. We are especially thankful to Rob Tolley, a longtime HOI supporter and leader of Young Life Tampa, and Kevin Suwyn, Director of Young Life Central America, for their insights and support.

Our task now is to raise the funds necessary to sustain this wonderful ministry. Contributions will be used to provide staff salaries, logistical support, housing, trainings for leaders, and other operational costs. Additional resources will provide sponsorships for young people from the Valley to attend the fantastic Young Life camps elsewhere in Honduras, where many lives will be changed!

Our goal is to raise $50,000 annually to provide all of the support needed to grow this ministry, which is being raised in conjunction with Young Life Central America. To initiate this campaign we have secured a $15,000 matching grant, so any additional contributions will be leveraged. If you would like to help in some way, please let me know. Financial contributions can be made directly to Young Life Tampa by clicking here and designating your gift to Agalta Valley Young Life. You may also donate through HOI by designating your gift to Young Life.

Please pray for Young Life and for our two young leaders, Daniela and Michael, who are taking such a leap of faith themselves by moving to the ranch to begin their married life and ministry.


Jerry Eickhoff