Lipscomb Student Engineers Begin Trial Assembly

POSTED BY: Louis Deas on March 27, 2015 CATEGORY: Blog Honduras Mission Teams News & Events COMMENTS: 0

The engineers at Lipscomb University have begun construction on the bridge and it’s coming along great! The student engineers are assembling the bridge as a trial run before actual construction begins in Honduras. The entire project is being managed by senior engineering student Ryan Gadsey (pictured).

Ryan and other students from Lipscomb are not only working on the bridge as part of their course work, but they are undertaking it as a mission project. This “test run” construction is but a small portion of a larger process that’s been months in the making. Last week, students from Lipscomb traveled with HOI and helped lay the concrete foundation for the bridge and they will return in August for final build and installation.

We’re tremendously grateful for these young engineers that have a heart to serve in Central America and for the technical engineers responsible for overseeing the project, including HOI board member Daniel Toon.