New Changes to Sponsorship Program!

by Caitlin McCormick

Over the last 2 years HOI has made a significant impact with our education ministry through focused efforts to grow the Pathway Scholarship Program. During that time, HOI has succeeded in doubling the number of sponsors, offering new classes, hiring more teachers, improving infrastructure, and expanding student enrollment.

As our sponsorship program continues to grow, we have decided to partner with Child Sponsorship Services to provide more efficient management of the resources for each child in our program and their supporters. Child Sponsorship Services is a Christ-centered organization that began in 2007 after founders Steve Smith and Justin Brasuell returned from HOI’s ranch with the desire to better connect sponsors with their children. Through our partnership, HOI will have the support to strengthen our focus more effectively on providing quality education to children in Honduras.

HOI and Child Sponsorship Services will be working together to ensure a more satisfying experience for both our sponsors and the students in the Agalta Valley.  We are excited about this transition and grateful for the support and patience we have received from our sponsors. Mostly importantly, we are continually amazed by God’s grace shown through our sponsor’s faithful commitment to making a difference in the lives of children in Honduras.

If you would like to sponsor a Honduran student’s education, or you’d just like to look at the new Pathway Sponsorship page, click here!


Caitlin McCormick
Development Coordinator