New Scholars Enter HOI’s Schools

by Caitlin McCormick

A new group of students attending our schools brings a fresh wave of excitement to the HOI community.  Over the years we have heard numerous stories of how our schools have made an impact on students lives and positively affected their futures.  We expect to hear much more of the same from our newest students as they begin matriculating through our program.


1 Grade Aminta Urbina A

Our newest class of 1st graders posing with their teacher

Last month, twenty new first grade students arrived at HOI’s Aldersgate Elementary School to begin their education where they will soon learn to read, write, and one day become the leaders of their communities. We also had fifty new seventh graders from the surrounding communities begin their journey with us at Hope Middle School. We continue to witness students’ lives change through not only educational development but spiritual development as well. Families who have chosen to enroll their children in an HOI school are providing them with opportunities that are often not available to students in the area, such as learning English, participating in Bible studies, art projects, and computer classes. It is through HOI education sponsors and a partnership with the HAVE Foundation that these opportunities are made possible. Along with God’s provision, these children are proven to be more likely to graduate from elementary and middle school, and much more likely to attend high school.


Some students from the 7th grade class

Some students from the 7th grade class

Witnessing the impact of the HOI schools and the success of the students who have attended, HOI plans to increase our educational investment above our current level to further enhance the lives of the children of the valley. Our hope is that through long-term partnerships with sponsors and local Honduran families, we will strengthen the communities of the Agalta Valley and create a place of both permanence and growth for future generations.

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Caitlin McCormick
Development Coordinator