Nicaragua Mission Trip Giveaway!

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After 25 years of partnership with the people of Honduras, HOI recently announced that we are expanding our ministries to include the nation of Nicaragua, Honduras’ neighbor to the south.
Today, HOI is announcing that we are giving away a mission trip to Nicaragua! When you comment below, you’ll get the chance to have your $950 in-country fee completely waived – all you have to cover is airfare! For a better chance to win, you can gain additional entries by posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Giveaway Instructions:

1) Leave a comment below sharing what excites you most to serve in Nicaragua (make sure you’re signed into Disqus so we can contact you). (Required for entry into giveaway)

2) Post on our Facebook page about your favorite mission trip memory OR why you’d like to go on a mission trip. (Optional)

3) Tweet us the correct answer to this trivia question: What was Nicaragua’s #1 export in 2012? (Optional)

The winner will be chosen at random and contacted on July 25. The winner must be a professing Christian, travel with his or her team (or be willing to join another mission team), and be able to serve in 2013 or 2014.

Please help us spread the news with your friends and family by clicking the “Share” button below! For more information about HOI’s Nicaragua mission trips, click here.


Questions? Contact Erin Daniel at or 404-327-5768.


  • Brahms

    “You can’t do a little, ’cause you can’t do enough” was the line that H. R. Pufnstuf used when he was trying to get his little friends to help. I’ve learned in Honduras that “a little” can go an exceptionally long way. We need to send money, as it builds up the local economy. But such everyday items as rechargeable batteries and chargers, nebulizer sets, even coffee urns, are difficult to find, or nonexistent there. I have so enjoyed the smiles on the faces of the ranch staff, the villagers, the locals when I’ve been able to bring something they’ve had on their wish lists for years. We’ve been told to go. When we go, we need to tote. Even if it’s only a little.

  • Karen G. Hooper

    I would love to serve in Nicaragua and give of myself to the people there. What most excites me is being able to be a part of a team that is beginning the process of changing lives similar to what has been done in Honduras and the surrounding villages of El Rancho Paraiso. We have seen the fruits of God’s labor over 20 plus years at the Ranch, watched children grow into adults and become teachers and pastors, experienced God’s love even more than we could ever imagine through education, medical attention and just being a part of the Hondurans’ lives, and given and received so much more than we ever expected. God is good ALL the time; ALL the time God is good! I believe the Lord’s Presence and love will be revealed to each missionary visiting Nicaragua and more importantly to each Nicaraguan. Through Him all things are possible and I am excited to allow Him to use me in Nicaragua, whether it be through physical labor or playing guitar and singing with the villagers.

    Thank you for this awesome God given opportunity!

    Karen G. Hooper (Tarrytown UMC, Austin, Texas)

  • Jenni Clemons

    I believe in and love the HOI mission. I am most excited about serving in Nicaragua because I have never served there before but love everything I have read about the culture. I want to show Gods love to the people there.

  • Jay Elliott

    I’ve gone to Honduras with HOI several times, and I am looking forward to expanding my mission horizons with a trip to Nicaragua.

  • heather blair

    Good to hear of the expanding work that HOI is doing!

  • Larry Chay

    Replicating what’s been done in Honduras in Nicaragua is truly a blessing! Seeing God’s work in action excites me and makes me look forward to serving in a new Country.

  • I served as a Peace Corps volunteer on the southern Honduras/Nicaragua border in the late 1980s and visited Nicaragua several times. I am anxious to see how the country has changed since I was last there in 1989, and to see how HOI will be serving in Nicaragua. I also watched Jon Thompson grow into his calling in Nicaragua as a member of his home church, Clifton Presbyterian in Atlanta. I’ve followed his work in Nicaragua for many years and would love to see firsthand what he and Arelis have accomplished.

  • Brandis Jennings

    I have always been fascinated by South America, the people, and culture. I have never had an opportunity to venture south of the Northern American border. Over the past 2 plus years, I have had an opportunity to fellowship and grow with a church that values the importance of mission. Prior to my attending this church, I had never interacted with a group of people that had such a strong desire to serve and spread the gospel. I have never been on a mission trip, but seeing the members of my church so focused on spreading the gospel through mission, has stirred something inside of me and sparked my curiosity. I would love to have the privilege to see Nicaragua, and how the Lord is using people to serve and spread the gospel to those that reside there.

  • Laura Edwards

    Because I love Erin Daniel!

  • lynn patterson

    I have traveled and promoted sustainable development around the world but had never been interested in a mission trip until I talked with Jerry about HOI. I was so impressed at the approach, projects and dedication, that I decided to look into the organization. I would love to be able to share passion and excitement for sustainable development with the people in Nicaragua through HOI. And, I know that as much hope and opportunity as I might bring to the people in Nicaragua, the return will be tenfold for me.

  • Norman Peets

    I have served on several mission trips to Nicaragua over the years and have found the people and government to be very friendly. I have taught at the UNICA dental school in Managua and worked with the FABRETTO Childrens Foundation and both were great experiences. The country is more beautiful and safe than you can imagine. Norman Pets

  • lee_davis_d

    What I love most about Nicaragua is the opportunity to reach people for Jesus Christ.
    This country has not had the benefit of the kind of attention that Honduras has had. Politically its past has been a concern for Americans. Now is the right time to respond to God’s call. So so so glad that the leadership of HOI is obedient to the Spirit’s moving. – David Lee Davis, Hamilton Mill UMC

  • lee_davis_d

    Nicaragua has not had the attention that Honduras has had. Political uncertainty has kept us away. Now is the time to bring our best to this country. I am so delighted that HOI is taking this bold step and being obedient to God’s call. May Jesus Christ be glorified in all that is said and done among these precious people.

  • MontyATL

    Having spent so much wonderful time at the ranch, I would love to embark on a new mission adventure with the HOI team!!!

  • Lindsay Hogan

    What excites me the most to serve in Nicaragua is that God is leading me. I truly believe that God put the last minute inspiration to fill this out in front of me tonight. I was introduced to international missions in 2012 through HOI in Honduras, when my heart desperately wanted to be in Africa. My spiritual experience and the relationships I built with both my team members and the Hondurans I met have been incredible, and I have realized that God leads you to where you need to be. It is no longer about the destination but the journey and this amazing path that God has set before me. This IS what I was created to do. For me, and perhaps for HOI, Nicaragua is the next step in that journey.

  • Grant Perry

    The love and compassion that i felt from the people in Honduras was amazing. Seeing how little things such as putting in concrete floors or latrines can make someones life so much more comfortable is second to non. Now showing them a big thing like walking in the path of Jesus (mission trips) and seeing how the recognize god in us as we do in them is more than a good enough reason to go on a mission trip. So what’s better than doing that in Honduras? Doing it in their Neighbor Nicaragua too!

  • Barbara Huff

    It would be exciting to be on the ground floor of a new mission field!

  • Tamara Willing

    I have a passion for mission trips and I was unable to go this summer with my church. I really feel like mission work is an area where I can fully use my God given gifts and share His love. It is always interesting to see how different countries worship and express their gratitude for Gods grace. I would love to experience Nicaragua!

  • Brandy Sanderlin

    While I have had the opportunity to serve God and others on mission trips throughout the United States, including Wyoming, Michigan, and North Carolina, I have yet to participate in a mission trip outside of our country. I know that there are specific and unique needs in each place, but one thing is constant: the need for hope; the need for God. The thing that most excites me about this opportunity is the chance to see God move and work in new and different ways, both in the lives of the people encountered in Nicaragua and in the lives of those involved and serving.