Partner with a Honduran Student Today

Over the past few years, HOI’s child sponsorship program has provided wonderful opportunities for students at our schools who would otherwise not receive the same quality support at a local school. Because of the consistent growth of this program, we decided last year to partner with Child Sponsorship Services to provide better communication with each sponsor and to more effectively manage the students’ information.


One thing we have learned in the past year by working with our new partner is that HOI has the BEST community of supporters we could ask for! We have sponsors who have been loyal to our students and our education program through every transition and growing pain year after year. It is incredible to witness the relationships that are built through the sponsorship program and the hope that it brings for the future of these children. Our sponsors are more than just pen pals. They are invested in the lives of the students, caring about their growth, and generously providing funds for unparalleled opportunities in the Agalta Valley.


HOI has decided to take those opportunities one step further. We are going to invest even more resources into our students and need your help. Our goal for each student who attends an HOI school is to provide quality spiritual life, counseling, medical and dental screenings, and advanced education such as English, computer skills, personal finance classes, art, and physical education. In order to achieve these goals, each student in our elementary, middle, or high school programs will have two sponsorships available at $50/month. In addition to the limited support parents are able to provide, these gifts will continue to fund the operations of the schools and tuition, and will also provide more resources to improve overall spiritual, mental, and physical health of the student.

We believe in the potential of our students and have faith that God will provide the funds, as He always has. We are asking our community to lean in to this transition and join us as we invest all the resources we are given into the lives of these students.


Caitlin McCormick
Development Coordinator