Recruit a Team for 2017
Save On Your Next Trip

There are some things in life that you can only fully understand by experience. HOI’s mission trips fall into that category. Everyone who has traveled with us has experienced transformation on some level. You have either witnessed the effects of our ministry on the lives of Central Americans or you yourself have been changed in a special way.


With three locations to serve, HOI has an expanded capacity to involve more mission teams. We want to share this journey of transformation with as many people as possible and we can best accomplish that through you, our loyal HOI supporter. As we prepare to accomplish greater things together in Central America, we want to thank and reward you for helping us grow our ever expanding HOI family. Consider taking advantage of the following opportunity:

  1. If you recruit a new team of 12 or more participants and they sign up for a 2017 mission trip, you, as the recruiter, will receive 50% off in-country fees for one trip in 2017.
  2. The individual who leads the new team will also receive 50% off in-country fees for one trip in 2017.

In short, you and a friend have the opportunity to share in the experience of a lifetime and save money!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity or would like to learn more, please click the button below.