Makeover for HOI School Yards

There’s been a lot of dirt flying lately at the HOI schools as our campuses get a makeover this year. Thanks to the continued generosity of the HAVE Foundation and the efforts of landscape architect Don Hooten, master gardener Coach Vince Dooley and biologist David Funderburk, a plan has been developed to enhance the landscaping at Aldersgate Elementary and Hope Middle school.

Vince Dooley at field

In late March the Wilderness Team, led by Bob Hope, worked tirelessly along with the schools’ students and their parents to prepare the grounds at the elementary school for a new school pavilion, sidewalks, and terracing.  The end result will be a school yard that is lined with beautiful, tropical foliage and a covered space for school assemblies and PTA meetings.

WT landscaping

Across the street at Hope Middle School, the soccer field is being transformed. The new facility, Vince Dooley Field, was dedicated in March in honor of Coach Dooley, who helped to plant the first hedges that will line the field.  Students from the school assisted by making drip irrigation units from 2-liter soda bottles.  These young men and women will end up with a Bermuda grass field, new bleachers, and a place to play their favorite sport, all appropriately “between the hedges.”

student irrigation

Thanks to the funding support by the HAVE Foundation, our students will be proud of their schools not only because of the excellent educational opportunities but also the beautiful learning environment.