St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Mission – Day 3, Wednesday, July 13

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Honduras Day 3


Today started at 3:30 am with no power or water at the ranch after yesterday’s rain storm. Pastor Barry, Jayne, Radi, Jeanne, and Jason set out at 5 am for the three hour ride to the extremely remote community of Naranjal to deliver Sawyer water filters. It was truly an adventurous & wild ride! We were grateful for our expert driver, Nelson (nick named McGyver), who successfully drove us through the extreme terrain which included several heards of cattle, a fallen tree that was cut out of the way with a machete, and several creeks. The scenes along the narrow roads at the mountains edge were breathtaking! After arriving at Naranjal, all I could think of is that no matter how far out and remote they were, God had not forgotten them. When we arrived the kids greeted us with big smiles and a song and then we got to work on assembling the Sawyer water filters. Before distributing the filters, Jorge, HOI’s new health promoter, gave an excellent presentation on the use and care of the filters. Jorge will also be following up with the communities receiving filters on a regular basis to ensure that they are using them properly and to answer questions or concerns they may have. Pastor Barry prayed over the community and the filters were distributed. Once the Sawyer water filters were distributed Radi pulled out some bubbles and we celebrated! The kids had never seen bubbles before and the joy and laughter shared with our brothers and sisters in Christ today was a great way to spend my 29th birthday😉

In His Service,
Jayne Dowdy
AKA: Juanita