[Honduras Day 2; Tuesday, July 12] Challenges are hard to face, especially ones that force you to step out of your comfort zone. Honduras is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. Their lifestyle can make you question how you are living your life and whether what you are doing has a purpose. I contemplate that exact thing each time I come, sometimes several times in that single week. What am I doing here? Am I making a difference?


Working in the clinic that our team provides for the village can present several challenges. I would love to say it’s a pleasant experience all the time, however, that may not be the case. It’s hard to see people in pain, and with poor health for one thing. It’s also hard to communicate with people when you basic Spanish and then some, but it still isn’t cutting it. It’s hard when your dynamic duo consists of a strong-willed teenager and a persistent, caring nurse but it’s still impossible to provide for the needs of everyone. I am blessed to say that we have a wonderful God to not only provide for our needs as missionaries, but for the needs of everyone.

God can help us get through the challenges in life. He loves us and wants to see us happy. Without his challenges, our lives would not be the same. He challenges us to be the best person that we could possibly be. He wants us to spread his love, no matter what life presents us. The challenges that I face now, also show beauty and love. The people we see and treat, show us so much love and compassion. God’s love shines in their eyes and it’s a reassuring thing to see. If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.

Today was a great day in the village of El Mico. Your prayers and love is working miracles here.

Lots of love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ,
Sara Ginn

P.S. Happy Birthday to Christina today, July 12 and Jayne tomorrow, July 13